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Sometimes, due to weather, items can be early, late, or unavailable.
So make sure to check what we are picking by calling and hitting


We offer Pick-Your-Own apples and grapes, so mark on your calendars when your favorite varieties come in!


Farm Fresh Products, Produce, Honey, Preserves, Apple Butter,  Maple Syrup, Fresh Veggies in season


Strawberries, Cherries


Cherries, Sour Cherries (by reservation), Blueberries, Peaches, Apples: (Transparent, Lodi, Pristine)


Blackberries, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Apples: (Jersey Mac, Akane, Gingergold, Earligold, Paula Red, Sunrise, Mollies), Produce


Berries, Pears (Bartlett), Peaches, Cider, Plums, Apples: (Burgundy, Jonamac, Gala, Elstar, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Macoun, Cortland), Seedless Grapes (Early), Concord Grapes (Late), Bakery, Caramel Apples, Produce


Berries, Pears (Bosc), Apples (Jonathan, Empire, Jonagold, Melrose, Red & Yellow Delicious, Shizuka, Ida Red, Mutsu-Crispin, Blushing Golden, Winesap, Evercrisp, Fuji, Gold Rush) Produce


Wreaths, Pre-cut trees, Cut-your-own trees

What's In Season?

     We love farm to table items just as much as you do. Here's a list of what's in season when, along with a list of what apple varieties we have.

      We also offer produce grown in our hydroponic greenhouse. This includes tomatoes, lettuce, and more. This extends our growing season and lets us have fresh veggies, as long as there is natural sunlight. It’s been an eight year project and we're proud to say that we're in the full swing of things. It's truly gardening of the future, as we use recyclable water, it's completely environmentally friendly, and everything is naturally grown. We also work with adults with disabilities to help us run the greenhouse.


Lodi (Tart, all purpose, green)
Transparent (Tart, all purpose, yellow)
Pristine (Tart, all purpose, yellow)
Jersey Mac (Mild, all purpose, red)
Gingergold (Sweet, all purpose, yellow)
Earligold (Tart, all purpose, green)
Paula Red (Mild, all purpose, red-green)
Akane (Slightly tart, all purpose, red)
Sunrise (Sweet, all purpose, red-yellow)
Mollies (Sweet, eating, red-yellow)
Burgundy (Very tart, all purpose, red)
Jonamac (Slightly tart, all purpose, red-green)
Gala (Sweet, eating, red-yellow)
Elstar (Slightly tart, all purpose, red-yellow)
Honeycrisp (Very sweet, eating, red-yellow)
McIntosh (Slightly tart, all purpose, red-green)
Pixie crunch (Sweet, eating, red)
Macoun (Tart-Sweet, all purpose, red)
Cortland (Mild, all purpose, red)
Jonathan (Tart, all purpose, red)
Empire (Slightly sweet, all purpose, red)
Jonagold (Sweet, all purpose, red-yellow)
Red Delicious (Sweet, eating, red)
Golden Delicious (Sweet, all purpose, yellow)
Shizuka (Slightly sweet, all purpose, green)
Melrose (State Apple!) (Mild, all purpose, red)
Ida Red (Slightly tart, all purpose, red)
Crimson Crisp (Sweet-tart, all purpose, red)
Mutsu-Crispin (Sweet, all purpose, green)
Blushing Golden (Tart, all purpose, yellow)
Winesap (Tart, all purpose, red)
Evercrisp (Sweet, all purpose, yellow-red)
Fuji (Sweet, all purpose, red)
Gold Rush (Slightly tart, all purpose, yellow)

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